Weight Loss Comes From An Understanding of Our Emotions

From the beginning of our existence as human beings, we have needed to employ both approaches to solving our problems, and neither was considered to be superior to the other. The logic based Apollonian process, has always been crucial to our survival. It allows us to function effectively in the world by controlling our environment, creating tools, organizing society and planning for the future. As important as this forward looking and logical approach may be, it does not answer or address all the conditions we experience as human beings. An Apollonian thought processes and is meant for interaction with an external reality. It can’t help us cope with loss, express our love or find meaning in life itself. For these issues, we turned to the Dionysian approach. Read More

Decide. Commit. Succeed.

In life and in fitness, we’re all naturally better at some things than at others. Thanks to genetics, certain types of exercise could feel easier or more enjoyable to you (people with more fast twitch muscle fibers, for example, have an easier time with activities like HIIT and sprints, whereas people with more slow twitch muscle fibers will be better at distance running).

But just because an activity isn’t your strong suit doesn’t mean you should skip it all together. In fact, if you want to see dramatic changes in your fitness level, you do need to do things that you’re not very good at or predisposed to. People that get a little better train their strengths, people that see dramatic gains train their weaknesses. And, hey, you may even end up loving it!


Stop Overextending Yourself and Learn To Say “No”

“Inner peace begins the moment you choose not to allow another person or event control your emotions.” Anonymous

It’s easy to be in over your head with all that you have going on in your lives. There’s never enough time in the day. You want to be in five places at once, but have trouble figuring out how to get there. You say yes to everything because you want to be liked and feel guilty otherwise. You’re stressed, restless, not getting enough sleep, and are getting sick more often than you like. You may have put on some unnecessary weight gain because you’re too busy to exercise. Sound familiar?

It doesn’t need to be that way. Sure, this is easier said than done but there’s a method to the madness. You just need to figure out what works for you. Here are some suggestions. Read More

Age More Gracefully By Lifting Weights

Research shows that between the ages of 30 and 50, we are likely to lose 10 percent of the total muscle in our body. By the time we are 60 that percentage will double.

To make matters worse, it’s likely that lost muscle is replaced by fat over time, according to a study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. It was found that even people who maintained the same body weight for 38 years lost 3 pounds of muscle and added e pounds of fat per decade. Not only does this make us look flabby, it increases our waist size. This is because 1 pound of fat takes up 18 percent more space on our body than 1 pound of muscle.

I’m sure most of us can attest to the above. Lifting weights consistently is the key component of sculpting beautiful bodies and maintaining vigorous life.

Janna Vorontsova

Dynamic Fitness NJ Services

The first thing I do is make a thorough evaluation of your current state, your goals, eating habits and lifestyle and begin the process of creating a customized eating plan that fits into your life and your schedule. Diet is responsible for 70-80% of your results and what is great about my System is that it works to change your body in such a profound way that you naturally find yourself gravitating towards the foods that you should be eating as opposed to the foods that are not inherently food for your body. Even if you have tried and failed in the past to adhere to a regiment of better eating, this system will help you maintain the lifestyle changes required for your success.The idea is to change the body and have the mind follow. By creating a leaner, and more muscled physique as well as demanding peak performance during the workouts, the body is forced to ingest foods that will help you maintain your progress and I have had tremendous long term success with people that have very hard times sticking to their diet. With my approach willpower is not an issue-we change the body and the mind follows.

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Why Isn’t My Diet Working?

It seems almost paradoxical. We’re told that losing weight is just a matter of striking the right ratio of calories in to calories out. So we go on a diet. We strictly follow its rules. We limit our calorie intake. We exercise. But we don’t lose weight. What’s going on? Here are some important factors to consider. Read More

Aerobics – Don’t Work For Weight Loss

he first thing that most people looking to lose weight do when they walk into a gym is ask where the treadmills, stationary bicycles and aerobic equipment is located, and does the club have the latest in elliptical and rowing machines. The other, equally common question is typically about the aerobic type classes offered by the club.

As a personal trainer I am unfortunately very much aware of the importance of aerobics in the scheme of getting people to sign up for memberships, however the irony remains that aerobic exercise is vastly overrated as a means of getting into shape in terms of losing weight and keeping it off. Read More

12 Reasons You Should Start Lifting Weights

Weight lifting can help you lose the fat, build muscle, and so much more. Here’s why you should do it!

Just because you’re not vying for 20-inch biceps or thunderously strong thighs like the muscle heads in the gym doesn’t mean you should shun the weight room. Lifting weights gives you an edge over belly fat, stress, heart disease, and cancer—and it’s also the single most effective way to look hot in a bikini. Yet somehow women are still hesitant: Only about a fifth of females strength train two or more times a week.

Here are 12 reasons you shouldn’t live another day without hitting the weights. Read More