“A Calorie Is A Calorie” – Um….NOT.

One thing that’s remained true about the fitness and diet industry for the past four decades is this: it loves its math and formulas.
For decades the calories in/calories mathematical “balance” equation has ruled. But real science has been calling that into question for several years now. The current nutritional and fitness-industry “math” simply doesn’t add up. That is, a calorie is NOT a calorie, and the hormonal and metabolic environment of the body within which calories enter determines how your body deals with those calories. Read More

Diet Strategy

Here’s what you need to know…
Eat for what you’re about to do. Carbs fuel intense activity, so don’t carb-up for bed or you may end up storing them instead of burning them.
Do cardio in the morning before you’ve had any carbs. Tap into fat stores without eating away at muscle by having amino acids (or protein) pre-cardio.
Not all carbs work the same way. Broken down to their smallest components, fructose goes straight to the liver while glucose preferentially gets used in muscle cells. Keep tabs on fructose intake to keep it from being stored as fat.
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Why Isn’t My Diet Working?

It seems almost paradoxical. We’re told that losing weight is just a matter of striking the right ratio of calories in to calories out. So we go on a diet. We strictly follow its rules. We limit our calorie intake. We exercise. But we don’t lose weight. What’s going on? Here are some important factors to consider. Read More