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We know that it takes an extraordinary amount of energy to plan a wedding and to balance all of life’s other obligations and demands. Taking care of your body can get lost in the shuffle. Commit to our Bride-to-be-Fit program, and you will shine on your wedding day and look gorgeous for your honeymoon!

Our programs are individualized and customized through nutritional menus and fitness workouts that are truly designed for each bride. According to your wedding date, fitness and nutritional goals, body type, and daily schedule, we will be able to get you ready before your wedding date! We provide the personal attention you need to assist you in staying motivated and looking stunning on your wedding day, honeymoon, and beyond!



Bridal Fitness: Workout tips to get in shape before your wedding day

Newlywed and Newly Fit

Newlywed and Newly Fit

Naturally, brides want to look their best. And many times, the whole wedding party – brides, grooms, the mothers of each, et cetera – will use the occasion to get in shape.

For most brides, the goal is to tighten, tone and trim the fat (with the aim of losing anywhere from 10 to 20 pounds). Given the popularity of strapless wedding gowns, brides generally want to focus on what I call “bridal trifecta:” arms, back, and shoulders.

To meet their goals, I encourage them to write them down and schedule workouts, just as you would a meeting. Every person on earth says they’re too busy to exercise. If you want something badly enough, you’ll figure out a way to make it happen, and if you don’t, you’ll always have an excuse.

The more time you have to reach your goals, the better. If you are only a month away from your wedding, consider high-intensity interval training and strength training that uses several muscle groups to see quick results.

DECLARE A GOAL: What is it that you want to accomplish prior to your big day? Are you looking to lose weight, to tone up? Decide on a goal, use it to shape your plan and stick to it.

CLEAN OUT YOUR PANTRY: Eliminate all of your trigger foods, including processed foods, sweets and unhealthy carbs. If they are not within reach, you will be less tempted to indulge in these treats.

COMBINE STRENGTH AND CARDIO TRAINING: Make your workouts more efficient by doing circuit training. Incorporating high-intensity circuits into your workout is a great way to burn more fat and build more muscle.

SHAKE UP YOUR MEAL SCHEDULE: It’s time to start eating mini-meals (five to six each day) that consist of lean protein and green vegetables. Never skip meals.

DRINK UP: Water, not alcohol. It’s important to stay hydrated during a time of high exercise and stress. To spice up your water intake, freeze ice cubes with fruit in the ice tray.

Whatever the goal, remember to keep a positive attitude, a regular routine, and a healthy diet. It is almost impossible to simply exercise off the weight… You must follow a solid, responsible eating program.

Do not consider crash diets. They could result in getting you sick, which will ultimately destroy your chances of reaching your goals. No matter if you have six months, three months, or one month of preparation time, you must include cardio work, strength training, and healthy, portion-controlled eating. Those three components along with hydration, adequate sleep, and minimal stress are the pillars of ensuring that you look the very best you ever have on your special day.

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