What All Strong People Know…

12278717_10206788910993421_4234429508894533694_nStrength is a form of practice. To get strong, really strong, you have to take your practice as seriously as a piano player does his, and rehearse everyday. Repetition is key.

Strength training is not “working out”. Working out is about breaking a sweat and breathing hard. Strength training is about focus and precision. It’s about consistency.

Low reps are better than high reps. If you can lift a weight for fifteen reps, you’re not strength training. You’re doing Zumba.

If you want to get strong you have to lift heavy some of the time…

…But not all of the time.

Strength is critical for health, and the cause of many pains and dysfunction is general weakness. “Strong fixes everything” (Mark Reifkind)

A strong person respects the weight, always. Be it light, heavy, or in between, she moves it all the same—very deliberately.

A strong person knows the importance of good form and takes it very seriously. She knows that proper alignment is critical to both good performance and good health. She knows they are not at odds.

Strength is a luxury like money. Without it life is very difficult.

Strong ON!