Letting Go of Attachment

An important aspect of Whole-Body Health resides 10865706_853820124640748_1699358547657545613_oin the balance of priorities and an understanding of what is important in life.  Often we live our life as if the grass is always greener on the other side.  We think in terms of if, and/ or when a certain external event occurs we will finally be happy.  We attach ourselves to people, places and material objects. We attach ourselves to the illusive ideology of perfection. We believe that after a certain external event occurs we will finally feel safe, be free of fear, or be accepted and loved by others. This is a malicious untruth and a fallacy.

Acceptance and happiness reside deep within ALL of us right here, right now in this very moment.  We just need to allow our true nature to blossom and to unfold naturally without trying to control, or manipulate, our every thought or action.  External ‘stuff’ often allusively appears to provide certain freedoms, status and comfort.  However, these are all illusive comforts, which cease to fill us with real happiness. Conversely, they often come at a steep price; the expense of our soul. Rarely does the external stuff manifest into lasting joy or real happiness. Numerous science based studies on the concept of happiness have shown conclusively it is not money, or the purchase of stuff, that triggers excitement in the brain.  We are happiest when we use our resources to help others or to create experiential memories. In other words it is in being of service to others and by creating experiential memories that lasting joy and happiness are realized. These actions represent the internal process of letting go of control, of being selfless through the act of giving, and by using our resources to create experiential memories.  It is these very memories, these acts of kindness, these moments in time, which compiled over a lifetime elevate us to the level of becoming happiness; the internal state of being that makes us feel good about our self and our life.