It’s About Sustainable Habits. Consistency Trumps Perfection

SDC10097_2Consistently applying some simple nutrition guidelines and following a practical strength training program that easily fits into your schedule will produce better results than attempting to follow even the most perfect diet and workout regimen.


Body change isn’t about gathering more information.

Information is everywhere. You can find a million “weight loss meal plans” for free on Google right now. And it’s not about getting the perfect meal plan from the best coach. Or finding the right expert to provide your miracle plan.

But, as people seeking body change, this is often what we do: jump from program to program, expert to expert, diet book to diet book, all with the hope of stumbling across THE ONE that will work this time! We think if we just find that one additional piece of the puzzle, then we can finally get the results we want.

If any coach or expert claims to have some special magical meal plan that is better than all others, run away, you’re dealing with an egomaniac!  Truthfully, fat loss meal plans are not rocket science, they are only so many ways to eat vegetables and lean protein.

But no, fat loss is not about having the most perfect meal plan on earth. Fat loss and body change is about you. Specifically, they are about you and your ability to actually IMPLEMENT consistent behaviors over time, all the while finding some peace, relaxing in10505395_807142769297536_1293264181363875073_nto the process and managing your mental environment.

In other words, results aren’t about information, they’re about implementation.

We know this intuitively, don’t we? If I asked you to write out what a healthy diet looks like right now, 90% of you could do it. So it’s not that we don’t know WHAT to do, but specifically, we don’t know HOW to do it consistently.

The how-to comes down to your process and your perspective. How you choose to SEE the process? Because the people who get and stay lean have made the transition out of the quick-fix mentality and have settled in for the long haul, weathering the ups and downs of the process and choosing to show themselves kindness and simply do their best. This is a mindset shift.

The most successful people are also the most consistent. And not consistently perfect!

Your mindset needs to be the foundation of your process because though diet and workouts alone might earn you a short-term rapid weight loss, how you navigate the process over time begins with your thoughts.