Bergen County Women’s Walking Group

Bergen County Women’s Walking Group was created by Janna Vorontsova, a local fitness enthusiast, to promote health, fitness and friendship among local w2015-05-23 08.20.26omen. We had our first walk this past March. Since then, we have grown to almost 200 members. Members meet on a regular basis every Saturday in Saddle River Park in Glen Rock. From there we take off, and socialize as we explore the park together.

Walking groups have been popular since the 80’s because they quickly turn a boring stroll into a social event that just ha2015-05-23 09.05.03ppens to count as your daily cardio, using walking for weight loss.

In fact, a new review published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine (which looked at 42 studies on the benefits of outdoor walking groups over the last two decades) found that the shared activity helped participants do everything from lose weight and lower their blood pressure to reduce their risk for heart problems and depression. The biggest (though totally unsurprising) benefit: The group walkers were more likely to stick with it.

We all find excuses for not doing something, but if you’re in a group, you’re more motivated. Another reason to grab your girlfriends: Some research shows that when you walk in 2015-05-30 08.17.03 HDRa group, you walk faster and further than when you walk on your own.

We share stories and ask silly questions. It gives everyone the chance to get to know each other and build new relationships—all the more reason to keep on stepping.

So come and join us for some fun, “outdoorphins” and vitamin G (for green).