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Fitness in your own home with Janna VorontsovaThe JannaFit Team of Trainers can assist you with reaching any goal at any age!

JannaFit is a premier in-home Bergen County personal training program created by executive fitness coach, Janna Vorontsova. JannaFit offers a straight-forward, honest, and informative approach to fitness that is specifically designed to achieve drastic, life-changing results. We recognize that your goals and challenges are unique, so we tailor our ultra-successful fitness formula to your individual needs.

JannaFit exists to provide the support, accountability, and knowledge to anyone who wants to find their way back to glory or simply step up to the next level. Whether you are a weekend warrior, top level athlete, or someone who has never worked out before, we can help you find your strength, take control of your life, and finally discover that it’s like to feel fully alive and healthy.

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